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Recyke-a-bike supports re-settled Ukrainians

Around a month ago Recyke-a-bike were approached by a member of staff at Falkirk council to see if we can support a family moving from Ukraine to Scotland, fleeing the war over there. They were hoping that we could potentially loan this family some bikes, to help them get around. The family was made up of Mum, Dad and their three children, two teenage girls and one wee boy aged 5. They were moving in with a host family in Falkirk, and the council were trying to get them as set up as possible.

One of our missions at Recyke-a-bike is to get more people on bikes, and another is to relive poverty, so we were delighted to help, as giving the bikes away to this family would really allow us to do some good as well as promoting cycling. The host family live near the canal and were keen to take the family out on local cycle rides.

We told the staff member from the council that we'd be happy to give bikes to the whole family of 5, as well as supplying locks, lights and helmets in a bid to keep them seen and safe whilst out riding. As like many charities funds are tight, so we decided to fundraise on Facebook to help us cover the cost. Our supporters were amazing, responding really well to the campaign and obviously felt like it was a worthwhile project to support.

A few weeks later, the fundraiser ended at £530, an amazing amount, We are so thankful to everyone who shared the fundraiser and donated, it's made a massive difference to us. Because the campaign had ran so well we decided to help more local Ukrainians too!

In the past week we've given helmets and a pump away to two teenage Ukrainian's who had already been gifted bikes and locks, another lady came in with her host over the weekend and she received the bike, helmet, lights and lock package as well a lesson, helping her navigate the streets of Alloa where she now lives and then yesterday our original family came in. It was so lovely to meet them, we really hope that they love riding their new bikes, and we are so glad to have made a difference.

We still have more Ukrainians to help, and look forward to meeting them soon!


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