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E-Bike/E-Trike Library

Our E-Bike/E-Trike Library is kindly funded by Energy Savings Trust who have paid for the purchase of the E-Bikes/E-Trikes and accessories. Recyke-a-bike are funding the cost of repairs/servicing the bikes, lessons and associated admin costs. Read on for more information on borrowing an E-Bike/E-Trike from Recyke-a-bike, for free!

We wanted to ensure that we had a bike for everyone and attempted to make our Library as inclusive as possible. We have purchased the following E-Bikes/E-Trikes:

  • Brompton C Line E-bike - A brilliant folding bike, perfect for a mixed commute. Compact and easy to use, this bike really is very good for someone looking to leave the car at home.

  • Ice E-Trike HD Adventure - An amazing recumbent trike, that does it all for you, including changing gear! The bike is designed for everyone to ride. Heavier riders who want to ride but worry about stepping over a regular bike. People with mobility problems and lower back injuries, this recumbent bike makes it far more accessible for many riders.

  • XYZ Cargo E-Bike - This handy wee trike is incredible. 100% recyclable and sustainable, built in Scotland. Designed for last mile deliveries or local shopping, it’s a great wee bike to try out whether a cargo bike is for you.

  • Two Jorvik JMT3 / JMT6 Electric Mountain E-Trikes - One of which is low step. Fun and powerful, go anywhere trike. It’s very comfortable with fat bike tyres, front suspension and a suspension seat post.

  • Rad Runner E-Bike - We have 3 of these, they are designed for fun, nipping around and enjoying popping out and about. No gears, simple and easy to use and ride. The perfect fun bike to try as your first E-Bike adventure.

The offer:

We are offering a free one-month trial of one of our fleet of E-bikes for you to try.

Included is the E-Bike, a gold standard lock, a helmet, and a track pump.

There will be a one-on-one training session with the bike before you can take it away. You will be trained to ride it and use the Pedelec system effectively. We will show you how to charge the battery, how to maintain the bike and how to lock it up.

What we need from you:

The offer is open to anyone in the Forth Valley who is 18 years of age and above. You’ll need to provide three forms of identification and address verification.

You will need to sign the loan agreement and abide by the terms and conditions of that document.

You will be responsible for any damage or loss of the E-Bike/E-Trike – which may be chargeable. You will need to return the machine in full working order. If the machine fails for any reason, it is your responsibility to return it, so our mechanics can resolve the issue. The E-Bike/E-Trike must be stored behind a locked door when not in use and locked to an immoveable object.

Interested? Then please get in touch and let us know which E-Bike/E-Trike you’re interested in! info@recyke-a-bike / 01786 447559


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