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Donate a bike

If you are able, please bring the bike you wish to donate to us during our opening hours of Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. Please bring any donated bikes into the shop and our friendly staff will take it off your hands!

If you are unable to bring your bike to us, or get it to your local recycling centre you can request a collection by completing the form below. We have to fit our collections in around all of our other work, so it may take us a little while to get to you.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity!
Donate a bike

Thanks for submitting - we will be in touch to arrange a no-contact collection soon!

Fallin Community Enterprises t/a Recyke-a-bike is collecting your personal data using this form for the sole purpose of contacting you to arrange a no-contact collection of unwanted bike(s) you wish to donate. By completing this form you are agreeing to this contact and confirming that you wish to donate your bicycle(s) to Recyke-a-bike with no expectation of financial reward or return of the donated goods; and you understand that if the goods cannot be refurbished for affordable sale to the community, or donation to specific funded projects, that they will be broken down for reuse and recycling purposes.

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