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Van appeal

In March 2017 two of our vans were stolen. In February 2018, our oldest van... well, it's no longer with us as we couldn't afford to fix it. Lately it seems we have rather bad luck with vans. We can't manage with just two vans, unfortunately. Arnold Clark have kindly loaned us a van on a temporary basis but that ends soon and the fact remains that we need a replacement van to allow us to continue our work - particularly collecting unwanted bikes from recycling centres across the Forth Valley and North Lanarkshire, diverting them away from landfill. We handle about 15,000 of them each and every year. That's a huge impact in itself, but not only that - this is central to almost everything else we do too.

We've raised some money towards this and we hope to get a little more grant funding but we are also asking our communities to please contribute a little, if they can afford to, through our corwdfunding appeal:

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