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Active Travel Programme 

Our Active Travel Programme is kindly funded by Paths For All and The National Lottery. It's led by our Active Travel Coordinator Ashleigh...


I’m Ashleigh and I am the Active Travel Coordinator at Recyke-a-bike. I grew up on my bike, riding it around the neighbourhood to visit friends when I was a child. As an adult who mostly drove for transport, I tried a bit of mountain biking, but what I really missed was just hopping on my bike to get from place to place.  Eventually I decided just to choose a bike over a car whenever it was possible. Once I had kids, using a bike for transport became a little trickier, but over the years we’ve found a few different solutions that have helped us to get around by bike as a family. I love living in Stirling as it’s a small city and it’s so easy to get around by bike. It’s such a reliable form of transportation, where we’re not affected by cancelled or delayed buses and trains, and I don’t really get stuck in traffic either.


The goal of this programme is to support people in shifting to Active Travel, particularly cycling, as their primary mode of transport for shorter journeys. We aim to offer cycle training and led rides, help with route planning, teach basic cycle maintenance, and support people who are trying to use cycling for their daily activities.


A big focus of this project will be to support women and girls, who are underrepresented in cycling, but of course no one will be excluded from any activities that we run, and all are welcome. We will also focus on families, helping them cycle together and learn safe routes to school or their local shops, or helping to plan routes to other places they go to regularly. We are especially aware of how helpful this might be in the current cost of living crisis, as people may need to find more affordable transport options. We’d also love to help people who are interested in finding out more about adapted bikes and trikes to see if they could work for you.  

In Stirling we are currently focusing on the areas of Cornton, Raploch and Fallin, and in Clackmannanshire we're concentrating our efforts in Alloa, but of course, we'll happily help people from outside these areas too. 

To discuss Active Travel opportunities please contact Ashleigh via email -

We thank our funders Smarter Choices, Smarter Places and The National Lottery Awards For All for enabling us to offer bespoke support and training for all of our volunteers.

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