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Volunteering at Recyke-a-bike 

Considering volunteering at Recyke-a-bike?

Volunteers are an essential asset to the day-to-day running of our charitable organisation. Giving time generously supports all of our functions whilst in return volunteers learn new skills, grow in confidence, and feel included as members of our Recyke-a-bike family.

Refurbishing bicycles and promoting cycling, that’s basically what we do.

Volunteers will be found:

• Stripping bikes for parts (that can be used on bikes that we sell in the shop)

• Building bikes (again these will be sold in the shop – income generated here allows us to do more charitable work)

• Leading and assisting cycle rides – trained to be Cycle Ride Leaders who can then help us when doing Outreach work at Schools (mainly Bikeability 2, but also 1 and 3) in the Forth Valley area, as well as other Outreach bookings such as Essential Cycling Skills.

If bikes are not your bag then there are many other ways for volunteers to support us if you have little interest in rebuilding bikes or riding. We currently have volunteers making Recyke-a-bike more comfortable by helping clean the loos, making sure we empty our bins in the most environmentally friendly way. In addition our tech-savvy volunteers are helping streamline our communications channels by designing accessible media posts.

Our opportunities are open to all. Whatever your background we aim to value your skills and enthusiasm to enable diversity and promote equality. Whether you are embarking on your Duke of Edinburgh Award, have limited mobility and want somewhere to feel included or just want to get away from your “day job” we are here! We can teach you new skills or enhance existing ones, or just give you a sense of belonging.

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to join the team or are itching to find out more, get in touch with or call us 01786 447559 (Mon-Sat 9-5pm).

We thank our funders Smarter Choices, Smarter Places and The National Lottery Awards For All for enabling us to offer bespoke support and training for all of our volunteers.

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