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Looking to support Recyke-a-bike - here's how!

Since our establishment in 2006 we have aimed to improve lives by bikes - and we hope we've done a pretty good job!

Our shop is normally busy with customers and well-stocked, so it can be difficult to remember that we are a charity, but that is exactly who we are! Providing affordable bikes isn't profit making, but we do it so we can get more people in the Forth Valley and beyond cycling. Our Outreach Team work incredibly hard to enable others to learn how to cycle and improve on their skills and techniques, ultimately making them more confident on bikes. Our Training and Employment program InspiRide works with people who are not in training, education or employment and encourages them towards positive destinations, leaning skills in bike mechanics, commuting by bike, mountain biking skills, employability skills and more!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We have a thriving volunteer program, which enables people to give up a small amount of their time whilst learning skills in various areas of our operations - from bike building to marketing. We also have a new Active Travel program, working predominately with women and girls in various communities within Stirling and Clacks - encouraging them to cycle more often.

All in all we are pretty proud of our wee charity - but we would always appreciate help and support from our wider community. If you're looking to support us here's a few ways how to do so!

  • Donate a bike or parts (spare tubes etc) - if you have a bike you or your family are no longer using please consider donating it to us. If it's in sellable condition then one of our mechanics will work on the bike and add it to our shop stock. If it's not in great condition then we can still use the parts that are salvageable, so please still consider donating it to us! Please drop any unwanted bikes into our shop, we are open Monday to Saturday from 9am until midday and then 1-5.

  • Buy a bike - in the market for a new bike? Please consider buying it from our shop! We have pretty much every size and style of bike available - from kids bikes to adults! We stock mountain bikes, hybrids and road bikes - as well as other more niche bikes like BMX and folders. Pop in to review our range of bikes.

  • Volunteer your time - keen to learn how to build a bike? Want to help in other areas, like social media, cycle training or retail? Send us a message and we will connect you with our Volunteer Coordinator, Morag. We would be grateful for any time you're able to volunteer with us, whether that's a full day a week or just a couple hours a month.

  • Donate your cash - we know that times are tight, and with rising costs many of us are feeling the pinch, but if you're able to donate any of your hard earned cash to us we would really appreciate it! Drop us a message for more information.


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