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Recyke-a-bike confirmed as a Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailer

Local bike shop helps children get bike-ready for cycle training

Recyke-a-bike in Stirling, is celebrating joining the Bikeability Scotland Approved Retailer programme.

We help parents and carers to purchase used bikes and maintain bikes for their children, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable bike to take part in Bikeability Scotland, the national cycle training programme for school children.

Things to look out for when selecting a bike for a school child:



  • It has independent front and rear brakes.


· Easily adjustable saddle and handlebar height for sizing and comfort.

· Gears to support the learning and riding experience.

· Easy-reach brake levers for safety and control.

· And a lightweight frame for easier manoeuvrability.

We can also provide reassurance that recently purchased bikes are fit for purpose, support parents and children to do bike health checks and advise on bike locks, mud guards and other bike accessories to make your child’s cycling journey as safe, comfortable and fun as possible.

When you buy a bike from Recyke-a-bike you help fund our charitable objectives. We support Bikeability in schools across Stirling and Clackmannan and are so passionate about helping children become more confident on bikes, especially the safety implications with regards to cycling on the roads.

Each year, more than 40,000 pupils in Scotland receive Bikeability Scotland training, with more than 350,000 children trained since its launch in 2010. The Scottish Parliament unanimously support the motion that, ‘every schoolchild should have the opportunity to benefit from cycle training’.

For more information, visit the Cycling Scotland website.


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